Conviction Of Domestic Violence Can Have Lasting Consequences

We Will Protect Your Rights And Minimize The Impact

One argument and one phone call to police can forever change the course of you and your family members' lives. If you face accusations of spousal abuse or domestic violence, it is critical you contact an attorney right away. At Godoy Law Office, we are a team of experienced domestic violence defense lawyers serving Chicago and the surrounding areas.

We know how to handle each angle of these cases. If you face domestic violence charges, you could also have an order of protection issued against you, which will automatically result in authorities revoking your Firearm Owner Identification (FOID) card. Our firm can help defend you against the domestic violence charges, fight the order of protection and work to get your FOID card reinstated.

We Represent Clients In DuPage County And Surrounding Counties

Our legal team will work hard to help you avoid a criminal conviction. Domestic violence convictions carry serious criminal consequences and a host of additional challenges. If you are convicted on such charges, in addition to jail time, you could also lose your parental rights and be subject to deportation if you are not a U.S. citizen. For more information about how our firm is equipped to help you handle such collateral consequences, please visit our family law and immigration law sites.

As former prosecutors in Cook Country and DuPage County, we have the required experience and skill to build strong cases to defend our clients. We are available to work hard to defend you from the harsh consequences that can come from a domestic battery conviction.

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