Chicago Violent Crimes Defense Lawyers

A bar fight or argument might seem like a relatively minor occurrence, but it can lead to serious criminal consequences. If you face charges for a violent offense, including assault or battery, it is imperative you contact an attorney right away. At Godoy Law Office, we have a team of Chicago violent crimes defense attorneys ready to look at each aspect of your case to develop a strong defense strategy that will work to protect your freedom, your liberties and your future. We represent a range of people who face charges of:

  • Battery for accusations involving intentionally harming someone
  • Assault for allegations involving causing a person to feel imminent fear of battery
  • Other violent crimes, including accusations of homicide and sex crimes

The Legal Team You Want When Your Future Is On The Line

Charges involving criminal damage to property or possessing another individual's property can impact your criminal record and make it difficult for you to secure a job, housing and other future opportunities. Our legal team can defend you and work hard to secure the results you are looking for. From carjacking to credit card fraud, we are available to represent individuals charged with a range of theft and robbery offenses.

Do not wait. The sooner you partner with our team of skilled criminal defense attorneys, the sooner we can start to build a strong case for your defense.

Experienced Defense For Property And Violent Crime Charges

Partner with a skilled criminal defense team. To schedule an initial consultation, contact us online or call us at 855-554-6369. Our lawyers offer jail visits.

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